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We are proud to be the full-service hospital for your pet's health, boarding, grooming, and emergency services. We pride ourselves on being a trusted resource for all the health needs of the furry family members that you love and care for. We treat a broad range of animals - from cats and dogs, to reptiles, horses, and cattle!

What is a Behavior Consult?

Have you ever had a dog or cat that had some bad behavior? Maybe it was inappropriate bathroom habits in the house. Maybe it was some aggression. Perhaps there was some house destruction. Maybe you have a pet with a behavior problem right now. Behavioral concerns with our pets can be very stressful and really offsetting to the family balance. They can also deeply injure the human/pet bond.

Heartland Animal Hospital is here to help. We offer a service called a Behavioral Consultation. This service is the beginning of a valuable process that can change your life, and your pet’s life, for the better. At this appointment we address your behavioral concerns, and determine what the first step will be to address them.

Just as behavioral problems do not blossom overnight (though they sometimes seem to) they will not be fixed overnight, so this is NOT a one-time, fix-all appointment. Follow up consultations and care will be required. There will also be ‘homework’ for your family and your pet, and some changes may be suggested.

Sometimes, we also recommend adding an additional member to the team- either a trainer or a behaviorist. A trainer will help train you to train your pet for the desired behaviors and in some instances how to curb undesirable behaviors. In contrast, a behaviorist is kind of a therapist for your dog. They assess the underlying emotional problems that the pet is having and helps to modify the behavior through reconditioning. The Doctors here have carefully interviewed and chosen trainers and behaviorists that agree with our philosophies and meet our high standards.

It is not uncommon for a client to realize that they lack the time, dedication, or the resources to continue up the path of behavior modification. If that is the case, we want you to know that that is okay! Together we will decide what the next best course of action is, while remaining unbiased and compassionate. Because, in addition to reducing the amount of stress and strengthening the family bond with the pet, we also strive to help decrease the number of pets relinquished to local shelters for behavioral concerns.

Dr. Cuddihee’s clinic offers a small, home town atmosphere with the benefits of a large town clinic. Our family has been blessed to have Dr. Cuddihee and her staff as our pets’ veterinarian for sixteen years, and her compassion and empathy is unsurpassed. We have had to make the painful decision to help two of our beloved pets move on and Dr. Cuddihee was with us every step of our painful journey. We have two geriatric dogs with one needing long term care. Dr. Cuddihee is knowledgeable and proactive in helping assure that our pets have a wonderful quality of live.

Angela Logsdon, "Coco", "Shadow", & "Sugar"

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