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We are proud to be the only full-service boarding, grooming, and veterinary facility in Southern Boone County. We pride ourselves on being a trusted resource for all the health needs of the furry family members that you love and care for. We treat a broad range of animals - from cats and dogs to horses, and cattle!

Boarding Services for Your Pet

While the team at Heartland Animal Hospital is dedicated to delivering quality pet medicine and surgical services to cats and dogs in the Ashland area, we also offer boarding services. We provide the highest level of care and service to all our clients and their pets.

Our pet boarding facility was created and designed with your pet's comfort, health, and safety in mind. Cats are house in individual kennels and as far from dogs as possible. Our boarding kennels are climate-controlled and we even have accommodations with access to a large, safe outdoor courtyard where your dog can exercise several times a day. Pet owners are more than welcome to leave items with their pet that will make his or her stay more comfortable. Unless otherwise noted, we will provide boarders with bedding and bowls. We feed our boarders Science Diet pet food during their stay.

If your pet requires a special diet, please feel free to send it with him or her. Our qualified and knowledgeable staff is skilled in medicine administration and managing acute or chronic medical conditions.

Your pet's well-being is a top priority at Heartland Animal Hospital. Their health and comfort will constantly be attended to and monitored during your pet's entire stay by our technicians, kennel staff, and veterinarians.

Our new facility includes larger runs, more comfortable beds, and a completely separate space for our feline friends! We are thrilled to offer this state-of-the-art update!


Boarding Requirements



***Heartland Animal Hospital Boarding Policies***

        Heartland Animal Hospital reserves the right to change your pet’s type of boarding, and/or to provide or decline additional services, if it is necessary to protect the health and well-being of your pet, other pets, or our staff.

(Additional charges may apply.)


1.)  Please contact your Veterinarian (if not Heartland) for records:        

• Vaccinations:

        •All dogs must be current on: Vaccinations against rabies, bordetella, distemper, parvovirus and leptospirosis. (DAPPV + L4)

        •All cats must be current on: Vaccinations against rabies,  FVRCP [feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR), feline calicivirus (C), and feline panleukopenia (P)]

• Intestinal Parasites

        • All animals boarded with us must have a “no significant findings” fecal analysis result with our clinic.


• If your pet is exhibiting any symptoms that may suggest illness such as sneezing, coughing, wheezing, runny eyes/ nose, vomiting, lethargy, or diarrhea, please do not bring your pet to boarding without calling us ahead of your check-in day.


• Pets with external parasites such as fleas or ticks will be treated at the owner’s expense. We check for fleas upon arrival and during your pet’s stay.  If live fleas are seen during this time, a Capstar will be administered to kill fleas, and flea preventative will be applied. This is to ensure our kennel and hospital does not become infested.


2.)  Personal Items:

•Do not bring items with your pet that are valuable or irreplaceable. Heartland Animal Hospital will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal items or toys left with your pet. Any belongings brought should be labeled clearly and prominently and packed into a bag. We will do our best to ensure that they return with the pet but it is not guaranteed.

•Please do not bring food dishes from home unless your pet requires a special raised platform or feeder dish.  Leashes and harnesses will also not be accepted on intake to prevent their loss. Canvas collars can remain on.


3.)  Medications:  

•All medications must be in the original container or a pill vial with a current prescription label from your veterinarian.  Medications in baggies or other non-conforming containers will not be accepted.  Should your animal run out of essential medication before the end of their stay your pet will be medicated from hospital stock at your expense.  
        •We will not accept controlled substances from outside clinics/pharmacies.

•Supplements not labeled for animals, nor prescribed by a veterinarian will not be administered. Please leave these at home.


4.)  Food:

•We provide Hill’s Science Diet adult maintenance dry kibble for dogs and cats respectively, which is well tolerated by most.

•If your pet is on a prescription diet OR has a history of upset stomach while boarding, you should bring their own food in a resealable container.  This container should clearly state the first and last name of your pet, and the amount to be fed twice daily in standard 8 oz measuring cups.


5.) Payment for Services:

•You agree to pay us for the services we provide to your pet during each visit at the rates set forth at the start of such visit and shown in estimates provided.

•Charges begin on the day you leave your pet. If you do not pay your bill in full at check out, Heartland Animal Hospital may retain custody of your pet, at your expense, until the bill is paid in full.  

•If a pet is determined to be abandoned, the proper authorities will be contacted and Heartland Animal Hospital will no longer be responsible for that pet.


Boarding Slips:
We ask that you fill out one of these every time you board! For an easier drop off please fill it out and submit it in advance!


Ready to book your stay?  Give us a call to schedule your pet's stay!

Grooming Services

Call us today to schedule a bath, nail trim and anal sac expression for your pet!!

We are so fortunate to have Dr. Patti Cuddihee for our cats’ doctor. For 18 years, she seems to always know exactly what to do for our cats. We just wish we had a doctor for us humans that was as intuitive about our needs as Dr. Cuddihee is about our cats’ needs. She knows them all by name and loves them.

This year we had to have our most beloved cat euthanized. Dr. Cuddihee came to the house and, afterwards, hugged me and cried with me.

Usually, our stories are good ones. Recently, an 18 year old cat that is slowing down and has health issues had to have his teeth cleaned and extracted. He also had an ulcer in his mouth that Dr. Cuddihee had to treat. Unlike usual, he came home the same day ready to eat and cuddle and, by evening, go for a walk outdoors, with us.

The young ladies at the clinic are always so friendly and helpful, as well. Thanks, Dr. Cuddihee, for taking such good care of our beloved furry family.

Jim and Gayle Fry and friends

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